TECH PREDICTIONS: #7 – Xbox One to be the “All in One” Connected Home Console

Posted on Feb 27 2013 - 4:45am by Chuck Field

GeekNutz Tech Predictions:

Is Microsoft is thinking outside the Xbox 720?

Xbox 720 conceptLife is not just about fun and games. I believe Microsoft understands this better than any other console maker. I’m predicting that this Xbox 720 system will be uniquely configured to manage more than other media connections, but also systems all through your home. Anything with a chip and a connection to your Wifi will eventually be a “managed” device.  Game console run in cycles between five and seven years. They need to make a play this time at being the managing platform. If they don’t do it with this Xbox, they will lose the service to someone else.  Before the end of 2014, expect to see this feature unfold and here is why.

1) Microsoft has a history of playing on the connected home concept.

2) A substantial rumor sits out there, that this device will require a 24/7 internet connection. The always on connection is being touted as an antipiracy measure, but that is not a big enough reason for 24/7 connectivity, and Microsoft is making no comments about it.

  • Controlling and monitoring home functions remotely from a mobile device or automobile will require an always on connection and any alarming notifications would be fruitless without it.

3) Dual processors.

4) Fully integrated operating system with other mobile devices.

  • Seamless inter-operability with mobile devices and the Xbox 720 can easily be achieved through an all in one operating system, such as Windows 8.

5) Big players are now working the home management model.

  • Large companies like Ford, Whirlpool as well as major telecoms are all addressing the need for further connectivity.

6) The Silverlight development platform and the System on Chip (SOC).

  • Rumors have emerged that the Silverlight toolset will be used to bring about Xbox TV. That developer platform could also be used as the toolset for other connected device interfaces and applications.
  • Updated developer toolset for dashboard add ons rumored, coming.

I’m sticking my neck out on this one, because not one tech blogger that I have read has gone down this path. I think I have enough reasons to justify it.

What do you think?


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